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Rubber duck 2.4GHz WIFI antenna with high gain in wireless performance

You are looking for large 2.4GHz antenna with high gain ?
Our TOP-WIFI04-1 is a rubber Duck Antenna with Reverse Polarized .
Perfect for prototyping with our RF ICs. 50 ohm impedance.
With its 5dB gain it provides a solid performance boost. This is one of the most cost effective ways to get a boost in wireless performance.

This antenna will give you approximately 2 times the range over your existing wireless router "Stock" antenna. If you need a little boost in signal over your standard router antenna, It is a simple and quick replacement for your existing LAN card antenna. The 90° hinge will allow you to adjust the antenna into position for the highest speed 802.11 signal available.
Note: This WiFi antenna has the following connector options:
SMA - The SMA Male connector has threads on the inside and a center pin. RPSMA - The RPSMA connector has threads on the inside and a center socket (instead of the standard pin). RPTNC - The RPTNC connector has threads on the inside and a center socket.

High Gain SMA-M BNC Vertical 2.4 GHZ WIFI Antenna 5 dBi
Quick details
WIFI antenna
50O unbalanced
5 dBi
195mm height

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