T5320 (E  E+G)

T5320 (E E+G)

SIMCom Terminali
Produttore: Simcom

Data Terminal Units (DTU) is a kind of Internet-of-Things wireless data terminal, which utilizes public operator GPRS/3G/LTE networks and GPS/GLONASS satellite for long-range wireless data transmission and positioning. Ordinarily, DTU is embedded with high performance industrial level 8/16/32 bit processor and wireless modules, installed with real-time operating system as software supporting platform, and interconnected with RS232/485 interfaces with peripheral equipment for data transparent transmission.

DTU can be extensively used in Internet-of-Things(IOT) industry, such as vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, tiny wireless network, smart metering, access control system, messenger call, industrial data collection system, financial system, mobile POS terminals, wireless labels, identification system, contactless RF card system, tiny wireless

T5320 Introduction
T5320 is a WCDMA/HSDPA terminal GPS(optional) based on the advanced SIM5320 series module solution which supports HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps for downlink data transfer. With a wide range of industrial interfaces and extended working temperature range, the reliable terminal is an ideal solution for most applications such as remote maintenance & control, environmental monitoring, transportation and security etc. It allows quick and easy implementation, reduces customer cost significantly and lowers the entry barries to wide range M2M business.
T900 supports LUA Script Language, which provides the possibility for customers to develop and run programs inside the modem itself and meet various customers' needs. With standard serial RS-232 interface, customer can easily implememt the data flow control, hardware or software flow control according to their own requirements.
The firmware upgrading will be available by FOTA or via USB interface.

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