Convertitori Convertitori DC/DC

Output characteristic
Output voltage accuracy: 100% load efficiency, input voltage range +/- 2% +/-3%
Lineartity control: input voltage +/- 0,2% - +/- 0,4%
Load regulation: from 10% to 100%, +/-0,4% - +/-0,6%
Ripple/noise: (20MHz with width): 20MHz 25-35 mVp-p
Short circuit: Sustanable, selfresuption
Over hot: 150°C
Switch frequency: 100% load efficiency, input range 280KHz 330KHz 450KHz
Output current limit: 2000mA
Quiescent current: positive input 5 mA - 8 mA
Temperature parameter: -40°C - 85°C 0,02°C
Capacitiveloading: 1000 UF
Ripple and noise test adopts parallel method

General characteristic:
Operating temperature: -40 - +85°C
Shell operating temperature: 100°C
Storage temperature: -40°C - +125°C
Welding pin temperature resistance: welding shot shell edge 1,5mm, 10s 300°C
Cooling method: natural cooling
Shell material: Flame retardant heat resistant plastic (UL94-V0)
Storage humidity: 95%
MTBF 200000h

Width Input Voltage 4,75VDC - 32VDC transfer the Non Isolation stabilized Output Voltage with the accuracy +/-0,5% +/-1% or +/-2%

The battery needs long time standby, the battery stand-by power supply handhold devices, portable equipment, Automotive equipment, shipping equipment Width Input voltage NON Isolation stabilized output current: 500mA, 1000mA, 2000mA, 4000mA Max
Shell: Plastic shell package

Size: 11.6*10*7.55
Input Voltage (V): 6,5 - 32
Output Voltage (vO +/-2%): 5,0
Load Current (mA): 400
Efficiency: >=91%
Weight SIP/DIP (g) +/- 0,5 3,6
Certification: RoHS CE

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