Battery 555165

Battery 555165


Lithium polymer battery 3.7v 2000mah

Size:5.5*51*65 mm(thickness*width*length)

1.High working voltage (3.7V)
2.High energy density
3.Long cycle life (more than 500 cycles)
4.High safety
5.Agile shape & dimension
6.No memory effect
7.Low self discharge
8.Environmental friendly
9.CE&ROSH approved
10.Warranty:1 year

1.Telecommunication: cellular phone, web phone, interphone, Bluetooth earphone.
2.Portable office devices: Notebook, PDA, portable electrograph, portable printer.
3.Video devices: GPS, digital camera, camcorder, portable DVD, portable television, MP3, MP4.
4.Portable exchange devices: POS, Handy, Fingerprint machine, portable stock machine.
5.Illuminate devices: miner lamp, searchlight.
6.Others: toys, models.

1) High energy density,flexible shape
2) High safety
3) Low internal resistance, Low self-discharge rate
4) 500times cycle life (long life)
5) No memory effect
6) Eco-friendly, with CE, ROHS approved
7) Custom according to the customer's requirements
8) Promt lead time

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